"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers." 3 John 1:2

This scripture can be interpreted as "I wish that it may go as well with you as it does with your soul,"  therefore at the Soul Centre we recognize that the soul is the most important aspect of your being and is the ultimate measure of your wellbeing. 

What is meant by Being Well?” 

Wellbeing in its simplest definition is “Being Well.” It is where human needs are met, whilst being afforded the opportunity to have aspirations enveloped in an environment where the “Pursuit of Being Well” can be attained, thus, enjoying a satisfactory quality and standard of life."

Wellbeing is both a state and a process, and it is multi-dimensional. It cannot be simply equated with wealth, happiness or goal satisfaction. Similarly, ill-being cannot be simplistically equated with material poverty, misery or frustrated goal achievements.

Wellbeing is functioning meaningfully and feeling well within a specific context, whilst having resources, capabilities and opportunities to achieve goals which go beyond those that present themselves in local contexts.

The Soul Centre can help shape the culture and society in which we live. We recognize that growing the economy has only a small effect on wellbeing and may be achieved at the expense of other factors that have a greater effect on wellbeing such as work-life balance, the environment in which we live, and the vibrancy of local communities.

Research shows that genes and upbringing, influence about 50 per cent of our personal happiness and circumstances, whilst our income and living environment surprisingly only affects about 10 per cent. After basic needs are met, extra material wealth has little or no effect on life satisfaction or happiness. The remaining 40 per cent is accounted for by our outlook, our thinking, our activities, our relationships, friendships, jobs, our engagement in our community and being involved in sports and hobbies – key areas where The Soul Centre could have a real impact.  

It is important however to recognize that a major distinction exists between brief emotional episodes of joy, acute periods of happiness, and an underlying state of happiness.  This underlying state is a sense of satisfaction (which Apostle Paul calls contentment) with one’s life, both in general and in specific areas of one’s life such as relationships, health and work.  This underlying state of happiness is given by the Spirit of God (parakletos) and we understand that the Spirit of God is our “alongside help” and our “Meta narrative” that teaches us the life of God on earth.  This narrative is greater than our basic human experience and speaks of the Great “I AM” within us and therefore helps us consistently experience a greater sense of Wellbeing.