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Music Therapy, within a clinical setting, is the prescribed use of music in order to restore, maintain, and improve emotional, physical, physiological, and spiritual wellbeing.

Music is a language that communicates to an individual's "inner being". It has the power to influence feelings, create atmospheres and change moods.

Research has shown that music can affect the heartbeat, brain waves, respiratory system, blood pressure, induce feelings of safety, strengthen the memory and aid learning.

Music has subsisted throughout history it impacts and influences lives all around the world.

Anthropology CD

Introducing The New Anthropology Music Cd

Composed and performed by Qura Rankin and Mike Kelly.

Anthropology is Music Therapy at its best.  It has been produced to release clean organic and positive energy through the vibration of music. This CD will help awaken and energise the Body, Mind and Spirit.