The Soul Centre

About The Soul Centre

The Soul Centre is an environment designed to allow a soul to experience the fullness of God and at the same time get to know ourselves. We are created in the image and likeness of God and we are an emanation from Him as Source and Spirit. The aim is to allow God to recreate, restore, regenerate and refill us whilst we realign our spirit with His.

We are committed to equipping believers through Biblical teaching and God's word hence people develop a faith that works in real life; 
We endeavour to help people enhance their natural gifts and discover their spiritual gifts, that they might use them in the building up of the Kingdom of God.

As a church we can achieve this by engaging in Creative Ministry, providing opportunities for every person to encounter and experience the joy of The Lord through Worship, Education, Wellbeing and Community Outreach. We want to reach and touch the World, especially among those who are disadvantaged, hard to reach and disillusioned.  Our Ministry will appeal to those who have not traditionally connected with the Church.

The Soul Centre is here for you, if you desire a real and meaningful spiritual walk that will firmly plant you on the path to fulfill your God-given destiny.

It is our prayer that you will be empowered spiritually and mentally as we welcome you to faith.



  1. 1.     The spiritual or immaterial part of a human, regarded as immortal.
  2. 2.     A persons moral or emotional nature or sense of identity.

Soul can function as a synonym for spirit, mind, psyche, heart or self

The Soul is the most important aspect of your existence, it is the thing that is eternal and is the core and fulcrum to who you are or what you become.  Most importantly it is the thing God wants to build, protect and save.